5 Steps To Optimize Your Website For The 2023 Holiday Season

Author: Noah Sixberry
July 26, 2023
5 Steps To Optimizing Your Website For The 2023 Holidays

Optimizing Your Website For The 2023 Holiday Season

YEP, the festive season is just around the corner, and with Halloween, Thanksgiving & Black Friday, and Christmas approaching, it’s time to gear up for the most exciting time of the year for businesses.

However, amidst the joyous anticipation lies a significant challenge – intense competition for online visibility and customer attention during the holiday rush. With countless websites competing for the top spot in search results, standing out from the crowd can seem like a never-ending uphill battle.

You might be tempted to think, “Well, I’ll just run ads; problem solved!” However, the truth is successful ad campaigns require early planning to secure the right keywords and prime spots in Google ads. Likewise, purchasing the best ad placements on Facebook requires strategic decision-making well in advance. While ads can yield quick results, relying solely on them is not the most cost-effective long-term strategy.

On the other hand, you might dismiss SEO as too slow, considering starting only when the holiday season begins. But here’s the catch – SEO is a gradual process that requires time to build authority, gain organic rankings, and attract sustained traffic. By starting your SEO optimization early, you lay the foundation for long-term success, ensuring your website ranks higher in search results during the peak holiday season.

Incorporating both ad campaigns and SEO optimization in your holiday strategy can create a powerful synergy. Early planning for ads secures your visibility when it matters most, while investing in SEO ensures a continuous stream of organic traffic, maximizing your website’s potential for the entire holiday season and beyond. So, instead of choosing between ads and SEO, consider a holistic approach that leverages the strengths of both to achieve a winning holiday strategy.

In this 5-step guide will walk you through five essential steps to optimize your website for the 2023 holiday season, helping you make the most of these celebratory moments and transform your online presence into a holiday shopping haven.

So while you are reading this and thinking, bro, it ain’t even the end of summer yet, buckle up because your marketing is about to get better by starting now. Let’s dive in and make this holiday season your most successful one yet!

Step 1: Find The Best Keywords For Your Website

Imagine you have a special secret code that helps you talk to your friends and tell them exactly what you want to play or do together. These secret codes are like keywords for your website.

Instead of using simple and common words that everyone else uses, we will find special secret codes that match perfectly with what you do or sell.

You know how when you want to play a game, you ask your friends who wants to play that game too?

Well, when you use these special secret codes on your website, it’s like telling Google and other search engines that you want to play a game with people who are really interested in what you have.

These special secret codes are called “long-tail” and “niche-specific” keywords.

When you use these special secret codes on your website, it’s like inviting the right people to come and play with you. They will be the ones who are most interested in your products or services.

And guess what? When you play with the right friends, it becomes more fun, and you have a better chance of winning!

By using these special secret codes, we can reduce the impact of lots of other websites trying to play the same game. It’s like finding a special place to play where only you and your friends can go.

So, let’s start looking for these special secret codes together, and you’ll see how it makes your website more fun and attracts the best friends to play with you!

This guide will help you find the best keywords for your website for FREE

Step 2: Make Your Website Extra Special with Fun Holiday Stories

You are getting ready for a big party, and you want to wear the coolest and most unique costume. That’s exactly what you will want for your website! You’ll need to create special and exciting stories that match each holiday like a perfect costume.

These stories are showcased through the simple paragraphs on your website’s landing page.

Do you know how during holidays, everyone talks about the same things over and over again? Well, dare to be different.

Instead of talking about the same old stuff, come up with fresh and exciting ideas that nobody else has thought of. Kinda like wearing a super cool and rare costume that makes you stand out in the crowd! See how I slipped that in there… HAHA LOL, Anyway.

Just like each holiday has its own special theme, make sure your stories match those themes perfectly. It’s like having a magical adventure for Halloween, a warm and thankful story for Thanksgiving, and a cheerful and joyful tale for Christmas.

By telling these fun holiday stories, you’ll connect with your friends (customers) on your website. They will be so excited and interested because you’ll be talking about things they love during the holidays.

Start now with your marketing team to set the theme of your website to tell these amazing holiday stories for your website. Your customers will love it, and they’ll keep coming back to hear more exciting tales from you!

Step 3: Your Website Has To Have “Need For Speed”

Imagine you are running from a lightning bolt, a little much right there for you, but that’s essentially how fast you want your website to be. Did you know users will jump off a website that doesn’t load within 3 seconds… 3 whole seconds.

You know how sometimes websites take forever to load, and it feels like waiting in a long line for your just a small cup of coffee? Well, you don’t want your customers to wait like that. They will need to have a quick and smooth experience when they visit your website. It increases the chances of purchase by over 50%

By making your website speedy, your customers will be happy and excited to explore all that you offer. It’s like having a magic teleportation device that takes them exactly where they want to go on your website without any delay.

Not only do your customers love fast websites, but even Google and other search engines like them too! When your website is speedy, Google will be super impressed, and it will tell more people about your website. That means more people will come to your website to have fun and buy your products.

You can see if your website has a need for speed by visiting page speed insights, and you can use this tool to help you analyze your website and speed it up.

Step 4: Start A Party On Social Media

We all love to share exciting things with our friends and see what they’re up to. Well, social media is like a big playground where you can share all the fun stuff happening on your website.

It’s like sending out special invitations to your friends and telling them about the awesome things you have planned for the holidays!

By posting exciting updates and holiday-themed posts on social media, your customers will be so happy and excited to join your party. They’ll share your posts with their friends too, just like passing the party invitations around!

When your customers join your social media party, they get to see all the cool things you’re doing for the holidays. They’ll feel connected to you and want to be part of the fun. The more friends who join your party, the more people will come to your website to join the holiday celebration!

One strategy you may not think of is creating a Facebook group for each of these holidays. By creating a Facebook group, you can share holiday-only deals with the group and send them to your website through unique tracking links.

This will allow you to see the groups interested in your product and where they are buying from. Then you can run targeted ad campaigns to those groups and retarget those who didn’t make a purchase.

Let us know in the comments ideas you have to help your social media thrive!

Step 5: Create An Influencer Networking Group

Now think you are famous and loved by lots of people. Think about what will do for your website! You can team up with influencers who have a big group of fans that trust and follow them. Most are willing to promote your product for an affiliate commission.

Do you know how sometimes you listen to your friends when they recommend a cool game or expensive toy? Well, influencers are like your friends, and when they talk about your website and products, lots of people listen and get excited to check them out too!

Because these internet influencers are trusted and well-known, more people are excited to purchase your product.

By collaborating with influencers, you’ll get a chance to be introduced to their big group of followers.

When influencers share about your website and products, it’s like magic – your website becomes even more popular, and you’ll get lots of new customers as a result. More people will visit your website and tell others about it too, just like a big chain reaction!

Here is how you can get started with micro-influencers

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