Do Google Reviews Matter For My Business?

Author: Noah Sixberry
September 21, 2023

Do Google Reviews Matter For My Business?

Have you ever traveled to an unknown place, felt hungry, needed an item you forgot to pack, or just wanted a nice smooth latte? What did you do first?

9/10 You looked up in Google Maps to see what was “near you.” Then I can almost bet you also, you looked through the local shops at least the top ten, finding the one with the best reviews.

Now, think about this in your own business. There are 8.5 billion searches on Google every single day, with 46% of them searching for local businesses, and a whopping 81% of them looking at Google reviews before making a decision to step into your business.

In today’s digital age, your brand’s reputation is more valuable than ever before. It’s not just about delivering quality products or services; it’s about what people say about your business online. My goal in this blog post is to help you safeguard your brand through reputation management and maintaining authenticity with 5-star Google reviews.

What Are Google Reviews?

Google Reviews are like the digital version of a recommendation from a trusted friend or neighbor. When you’re thinking about trying out a new restaurant, hiring a local service, or buying a product, you often turn to your social circle for advice. Google Reviews serves a similar purpose in the vast landscape of the internet.

Imagine standing in front of a new restaurant you’ve never been to. You could rely on a stranger’s opinion from a billboard or an ad, but wouldn’t you rather hear what people who have dined there have to say? Google Reviews are that conversation with fellow diners, shoppers, or clients. They are the whispered tips, enthusiastic endorsements, and cautionary tales of those who have already ventured in.

In this digital age, where personal connections and face-to-face interactions are sometimes limited, Google Reviews bridges the gap. They allow you to tap into the collective wisdom of a community of consumers, turning the internet into your digital neighborhood. These reviews provide insights, tell stories, and offer guidance, making your online decisions as informed and personal as those you make offline.

So, in essence, Google Reviews are not just ratings and comments; they are the voices of your digital neighbors, virtual dinner companions, and online confidants, helping you navigate your choices on the web.

How To Collect Google Reviews For Your Business?

You have three options:

1. Mannually

2. Mannually with expensive software

3. One Touch Review (Competlely and literally hands off)

First let’s talk about how to gather reviews the most difficult way, manually.

You as every customer you encounter to leave a Google review for your business, and you explain every step of the way on how to leave a review. Finally once the customer is gone you never actually see the review hit your profile, maybe one or two. Then on top of all the tasks you have going on as the business owner you need to respond each and everyone of the reviews that come through.

Next, gather the customers information when they enter your business or do business with you. Save their information to a CRM, Google Sheet, or by writing it down in a notebook. Then while you have hundreds of other tasks on your mind you have to upload that info into an expensive automation software with hopes someone will leave a review.

OR the thrid way where you, the business owner, is completely hands off in this process. Introducting One Touch Review, a complete time saver so you do not have to spend hours sending emails, texting, and calling previous customers for 5-Star Reviews. No more bad reviews tarnishing your reputation, only authentic 5-star reviews.

Heres how:

One Touch Review Overview

Click Here to get started: One Touch Review

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